Draped Bust Half Cent

(1800-1808) History:

“by the time the Half Bust motif was used for half cents at 1800, it was already a familiar sight on US cents and silver coins. The design was discontinued after 1808. The striking varies on this coin. Weakness is often seen at the center of the obverse and on the wreath leaves of the reverse. Plantchet quality is often porous and dark for 1802, 1803, 1807, and 1808 due to the copper stock used, but it is not described on the labels of certified coins. Here is another cherry picker's delight made possible by the fact that certified holders only use the alpha-numerical grade.”


"Draped Bust half cents are available in any grade desired, up to and including mint stat, the latter usually dated 1806. The year 1804 includes many different die variates and die states. Apart from aspects of strike, cherry picking for plantchet qualities is essential for 1802, 1803, 1807, and 1808 due to the copper stock used.”

(The above comments on the Half Cents are taken from Q. David Bowers book called “Grading Coins by Photographs, An Action Guide for the Collector and Investor”)


The next series to be discussed is one of my favorites, it will be the Classic Head coin. This was from 1809-1836. We have many copper classic heads and many gold classic heads. I will look forward to discussing this with you.

Rod Powers