Liberty Cap Half Cent

As we journey through our American coin history we come to the 1794-1797 Liberty Cap Half Cent. These coins were struck at first with large and medium heads facing right unlike the 1793 edition. In 1795-1796 these were struck with a small head. Very little detail was given to the hair on 1795-1797 editions. 1796 Versions are very rare high grades of this year and are very attractive to the collector. Half Cents of 1797 are usually seen in low grades and on poor planchets. Striking varies wildly, details can vary wildly and can be weak or strong. Care must be taken when grading, using knowledge of a given die variety and it's relief or sharpness in the die, combined with actual wear. Because of this, the astute buyer must take die-variety idiosyncrasies into consideration.

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Marty Feldman