Classic Head Half Cent (1809-1836)

This design by mint engraver John Reich was used first in 1809, a year after it was adopted on the copper cent. The same Miss Liberty Head was used on the Classic $5 gold coins of the 1830's. Half Cents were not popular in commerce, mintage quantities diminished shortly after 1809.

Coins of 1809 to 1811 usually have areas of light or incomplete striking. Some dies should have been replaced earlier, or some coins as the 1811 may seem porous due to poor plantchet stocks. Although 1809-11 Half Cents are seen with extensive wear, those same coins of the 1820's and 1830's are not often seen less than very fine because of their scarcity and they did not circulate extensively.

As these types of coins are easily found the 1811 scarce and the 1831 and 1836 are noticeable rarities. Mint state coins are found in old hoards, particularly 1828, 1833 and 1835 often they have spotting. Beware of those that have been cleaned or re-colored. These are fun coins to collect because of their half cent value. They are truly historical. Happy Hunting.

Marty Feldman