1793-1796 Liberty Cap

OU MS 60 and 61 coins are traces of abrasion on the portrait. Luster is incomplete particularly in the field. Luster should be complete and no abrasions seen at MS 63. Luster is deeper at higher levels. Some original mint color may be seen. Scattered contract marks and some discoloration and traces of fingerprints may be seen at the MS 65 level, but are generally not distracting examples of 1790 and 1794 are rarer and have stronger eye appeal than the latter. Mint state coins of 1798 have a satiny finish. Created in the summer of 1793 by John Wright who also designed the half cent, 1793 cents have Mrs. Liberty facing right. These 1793 rarities have raised beaded letters instead of dentals. Others have dentals, while those made later in 1795 and 1796 have plain edges and are on thinner planchets. To truly determine wear, it is important to compare the die variety used.

Cents of this variety are readily available, though the 1793 are rare and desirable. Attractive AU of mint state coins are elusive, but when found are usually 1795 on a thin plantchet.


Happy hunting

Marty Feldman