1795 Wreath Reverse Large Cent

Between April 9th and July 17, 1793 the US Mint struck and delivered 63,353 Large Copper cents. Most all of these were of the wreath type. There are no records as to when the designs were changed that year. Named for the reverse style, it was an elegant change in design. Miss Liberty on the obverse side is in very high reverse almost sculptured. Wreaths and sprays of berries adorn the reverse side surrounding the denomination, other inscriptions surround the border. Both sides have raised beads around the edge similar to the 1793 styles half cent. Fairly well struck, they exhibit weakness on the highest hair tresses and on leaf details, even on high grade pieces. On lower grade pieces these areas are very weak. Panchets vary wildly, smooth, glossy brown to dark and porous.

Several thousand examples exist of different varieties of the type. Most are lower grades. EF and AU coins are highly sought numismatic prices. Some mint state coins have been billed as presentation or specimen coins although no record exists.


Marty Feldman