Nickel Three-cent Pieces 1851-1889

While silver coins were being hoarded by the public, the nickel three cent piece coin was launched in 1865. The highest denomination coin at that time had been the two-cent piece. When silver coins began circulating after 1875 the three cent piece lost it's attractiveness and mintage dropped until the last of them ware minted in 1889.

Among circulation strikes clashed dies are common, especially in early versions. Most dated in the 1880's are well struck while earlier mintages have weaknesses in several areas. Check the portrait details and hair on the obverse while on the reverse check the tiny lines in the Roman numerals, these can be weak.

Mint state coins of the 1880's are readily found except for 83', 84', 85' and 1887 versions, some of them probably sold as proofs. Extensive mint luster was found on many proof coins. Mint state coins of the 1860's are readily found, but many have weaknesses or lack eye appeal. Good luck!


Marty Feldman